Learning is a two-way process.  To foster true engagement and growth, to create dynamic and memorable experiences, group members must become participants, collaborators, and ideators.

Jay's approach ensures this.

In his keynote addresses, Jay goes beyond witty one-liners and anecdotes from his professional experience.  He builds moments that invite audiences to think, collaborate, and re-imagine.    

In his training sessions, Jay immediately engages participants.  From the moment sessions open, team members are collaborating, working, and doing.

Jay knows that experience-based learning techniques keep participants engaged and invested. Most importantly, this approach allows participants to discover the key knowledge that resonates with them.  This self-discover results in take-aways in which the learner is truly invested -- take-aways they can immediately apply to their personal and professional lives. 

Jay avoids dull slideshows and recycled lectures.  He steps out from behind the podium -- figuratively and literally -- and delivers powerful messages that leave lasting impressions on attendees.