What can you learn from Snoop Dogg about leadership?  What is the "wine and cheese test" and how does it relate to soft skills?  How can Legos and a deck of cards help your team learn to communicate more effectively.  Enlist Jay for your next training and you'll find out.   

As you can see, Jay avoids dull slideshows and recycled lectures.  He steps out from behind the podium -- figuratively and literally -- to facilitate engaging activities that lead attendees down a path of insight and self discovery.


Topics "uncovered" in Jay's sessions can include the following:

  • Evolving from an Effective Manager to an Inspirational Leader

  • Discovering Your Personal Leadership Mission

  • Embracing Conflict and Issuing Critical Feedback

  • Employing Best and Next Practices in 360 Assessments

  • Tapping into Creativity and Unleashing Your Hidden "Inner-vator"


Ask about custom-built sessions that can be tailored to meet your team's needs and organization's goals.