James "Jay" Guilford is a forward-thinking educator, leadership coach, and group facilitator.  Jay is the Creative Content Strategist for Cirque du Soleil’s training and team building program, SPARK.  As the Creative Content Strategist for SPARK, Jay designs trainings, breakout sessions, and team building modules.  He has worked with top-performing groups including Google, Mastercard, SAB Miller Latin America, Swiss Life, and Kmart Australia.

Jay's approach?  He works backwards from the group's goals to choreograph interactive, out-of-the-box sessions that motivate individuals, improve synergy, and positively impact work-life dynamics. Further, Jay engineers sessions to build "portals to understanding." 

Instead of dictating to participants what they should know, Jay uses experiential learning modules that lead participants through these portals to understanding. Learners return from their journey with hand-picked take-aways.  Each learner uncovers what is important to them. Thus, at the session's end, participants walk away with tools they can immediately apply to their personal and professional lives.

Jay holds a BA from Emory University (Atlanta, GA) and an MA from Columbia University (New York, NY).   In addition to coaching and training, Jay is an avid jogger, documentary aficionado, and an ice cream fanatic.




Jay maximizes the potential of each and every group through strategic and engaging sessions.  These sessions are designed to boost productivity, promote self-awareness, and increase group synergy.  



Jay motivates learners to use strategic collaboration, clear communication, and confident leadership. After sessions with Jay, participants learn that these approaches both improve group dynamics and positively impact the bottom line. 


Jay strives to help groups improve morale and maximize outcomes.  After working with Jay, organizations experience an immediate boost in morale.  Further, they learn to adopt a collective approach to leadership, an approach that increases accountability.  Jay promises to present unique perspectives, lead audience members to ah-ha moments, and help participants generate take aways that they can immediately apply to their personal and professional lives.